Mini Tillers And Cultivators


Need a little more power than your hand tillers can give? 2 cycle tillers from Mantis and similar brands can help a lot with tilling most most garden soil and for helping with some rocks and roots. The Mantis 7225 2 cycle gas powered tiller is a great example of a small tiller that handle some tough work while being portable and not too bulky.

Mini tillers and cultivators are convenient for storage (fold ‘em up!) and they are lightweight so they won’t wear you out as much as heavier cultivators. You can also purchase separate attachments for your mini tillers and cultivators to raise the level of functionality. Add a border lawn edger or a hedge trimmer to get more done.

Do These Mini Tillers And Cultivators Rock Too Much?

If you have a fear that these mini tillers and cultivators are too bouncy and too hard to control. They are lightweight (the mantis 7225 is only 22 pounds), so you will have a little bounce. But there are easy ways to get around this.

Use a good pair of gloves for better gripping and control. But it shouldn’t be too bouncy. The overall ease of use and the power of a mini cultivator make it worth the purchase for most gardener’s needs. Just ask yourself, if you don’t have a tiller, “How much more time do you want to spend grubbing the ground on your knees?” If you have a tiller but are looking for an upgrade, the mini mantis tillers should work well for you. There are of course other brands than mantis, but for mini tillers, you’re hard pressed to find better.

4 cycle vs. 2 cycle for loudness, etc.

While the Mantis 7225 2 cycle engine can be pretty loud, you may find the Mantis 7262 4 cycle Honda powered cultivator to be a little quieter. This does come at a steeper price point. The Mantis 7262 may feature less emissions.

The Mantis 7262 may be easier to pull and to start than the 7225. You just get a little more control with the Mantis 7262.

Are mini tillers and cultivators suitable for rocky soil, or big roots?

Not especially. You will find that these cultivators work better on softer garden soil and will not function very well in deep tough roots and larger rocks in your garden. There are some roots and small rocks that the smaller Mantis models should be able to handle, but the bigger stuff could be too hard for the mini tillers and cultivators.

Define your gardening needs and purposes.

It may be helpful to have a checklist based on your garden and your yard needs to help you pick the best tiller or cultivator for your garden.

-Do you need a quiet motor?

-Gas or electric?

-How many rocks and roots do you have?

-How much storage space do you have for your tiller?

And don’t forget to add a decent, comfortable pair of gloves into your budget for a new tiller.

Overall, whether you decide on a smaller cultivator from Mantis or  you need to go with an electric tiller from Troy Bilt, you should be happy with a cultivator to help with the labor in your garden. We think you’ll agree that gardening is just better with mini tillers and cultivators.